Friday, February 22, 2013

Jack on What a Girl Wants

Age 9:

While Jack claims he's not "into" girls yet, it is pretty obvious that he's been a little sociologist lately, observing the preferences of the girls around him. Yesterday he shared his latest theory with me.

Jack: Uh, Mom?
Me: Yes?
Jack: Do you want me to share a theory with you?
Me: Sure.
Jack: Okay. I don't know why I came up with this logical theory but I think girls like tall guys over short guys. Like if there is a good looking short guy, and a mediocre tall guy, girls will usually pick the mediocre tall guy. This is just my observation.
Me: Huh. You think so huh?
Jack: Yes. And also, I think a typical short blond girl likes a tall guy...typically a tall blond girl likes a guy the same height...
(Long pause)
And a black-haired girl likes an athletic guy...and a brown-haired girl wants a funny guy...
(Another long pause)
And a red-haired person just wants a nice guy.
Me: How do you know?
Jack: I'm pretty good at reading people.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jack on Mass Appeal

Age 9:

We usually like to watch the show Amazing Race as a family. Last season, the teams were racing through Indonesia and one team was mad that their taxi driver didn't speak English. Jack turned to us and said, "They don't even realize that the mass appeal doesn't speak any English."

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jack on Eating

Age 9:

Usually when I unpack Jack's lunch after school, there is nothing left. One day I noticed he didn't eat his jello so I asked him why he didn't eat it. Jack looked at me and said, "We only have 15 minutes to eat lunch. Who can eat lunch in 15 minutes?!?! Kobyashi...yes.!!"

Friday, February 8, 2013

Jack on How to Argue

Age 9:

I was discussing with Jack how to have a productive argument with someone.  He chimed in with this...

"Can I give you a strategy? First, say a statement about what she does wrong.  And then if she says something about it, then tell her another thing she does wrong. And then if she says something else, then tell her another thing. That’s how I’d do it."

Something tells me he might be sleeping on the couch a lot in his adult married life if he keeps up those tactics!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Jack on Closure

Age 9:

Jack was laying around one day and wanted to watch movie and asked if he could. I said it was okay and as we searched for the movie he explained, "I don't know why I want to watch it but people keep talking about it and I feel like I need to watch it to get some closure."