Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jack on Christmas Carols

Age 11:

On the ride to school today, Jack and I listened to Christmas carols. I commented how I loved listening to Christmas music. 

Jack: I don't really like it. They just repeat the same music over and over again.

Me: Yes but they only play it for one month a year. How can you not like it? Doesn't hearing your favorite Christmas song make you feel nostalgic?

Jack: Mom. I'm only eleven. I don't have much to be nostalgic about. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Jack on Bengals Fans

Age 11:

We spent the weekend in Ohio with some friends and went to the Bengals game. It was a lot of fun and as one might expect, the game provided ample opportunitities for people watching. 

A couple sitting a few rows in front of Jack did not want to sit down. They stood most of the first half. And they were overly affectionate, hugging and basically making out. After standing for a while so he could see the game, Jack was hoping to sit down. He turned to Jay and said, "Now if we could just get 'PDA' over there to sit down, we'd be all set."

The guy next to me was a bit of a disaster. He clearly had been tailgating a bit too long. He arrived at his seat with an egg sandwich and a mixed drink. Within minutes, he dropped egg onto the seat in front of him, and spilled his drink everywhere. He left to get a beer and came back. Jack and I switched seats so he could see the game around 'PDA' but wanted to switch back after a moment because the guy kept spilling his beer on Jack.  Midway through the first quarter, they guy left and was never seen from again. We told Jack we should switch seats again so he could see. He declined the offer claiming, "Nah. Because I will move over there and then 'Spillsner' will come back and spill his beer all over my new shoes."