Monday, February 23, 2015

Jack on Group Project Members

Age 11:

Jack was talking about group projects at school and how some members of the group participate more than others.  He said this about one of the kids who was really into the project, "He's like a lawnmower.  Just rev him up and let him go."

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Jack on Fashion Advice

Age 11:

We were discussing uniforms while watching basketball.

Jay: I like those uniforms. 

Me: I don't like the pinstripes. 

Jack: You can't go wrong with a nice argyle. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Jack on The Big Sex Talk

Age 11:

Tonight Jack's school district ran a program through the Robert Crown Center to talk to all fifth-graders about the beginning of life also known as The Sex Talk.

Now in our family, anything remotely having to do with sex is my department. Jay normally stays as far away from that stuff as possible. But he was talking to a coworker today and they seem surprised that I was going to go with Jack instead of him. So he called and we were talking on the phone about if it made sense for me to really go. I jokingly made the comment, "I'm fine going. Maybe I'll learn something." 

I looked over just in time to see Jack give a huge eye roll. After I hung up with Jay, I asked Jack, "What? You don't think that was funny?"

He replied, "It would have been funny...if you weren't my mom."

On the way to the program, Jack asked, "Will they cover the whole process? Or just parts of it?"

I told him I thought they would cover the body parts, and detail on how the baby grows and is born, but they would likely leave out the part on the specifics as far as how you actually "make" the baby.

Jack was a little disappointed and commented, "They should tell you the whole thing. Don't leave out the middleman!"

Once we arrived at the facility, Jack sat down next to a friend of his. The friend's dad leaned over and said to Jack, "I'm predicting if they ask for questions, you will raise your hand."

Without skipping a beat Jack replied, "No. I think I have everything well in hand."  

I just looked at the dad and shrugged my shoulders. What do you say at that point??


Leaving the facility I asked Jack what he thought. His reply? "Truly moving and inspiring."

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Jack on Commercials

Age 11:

Watching the Super Bowl with Jack and the Fiat commercial came on.

Jay: do you know what that blue pill is?
Jack: Uh, steroids?
Me: No. It's Viagra. 
Jay: Do you know what Viagra is?
Jack: Uh, stuff to make your erection last longer?
Me & Jay: *giggle giggle*

I guess the marketing from those Viagra and cialis commercials have sunk in.