Thursday, October 22, 2015

Jack on Tramp Stamps

Age 11:

Jack and I went out to dinner the other night and our conversation turned to the topic of genetics. I was explaining how it works- how everything about you is a product of what genes have been passed on to you. 
Me: Your genes determine your eye color, hair color, even small things like, if you have a widow's peak in your hairline. 
Jack: How about birthmarks? Those too?
Me: Well, not exactly but your skin color is...and if you have freckles or not. 
Jack: Oh. I was wondering because I was looking in the mirror one day and noticed the birthmark I have on my lower back. Did you know I have a birthmark on my lower back?
Me: Yeah. I've seen it. 
Jack:  When I saw it I was like, I have a tramp stamp birthmark on my lower back. 
Me: (giggling)
Jack: No. Mom. I LITERALLY have a tramp stamp birthmark.